Founded on the belief that great stories will find an audience, Propagate is backed by a top-flight team of creative, business, and sales professionals laser focused on proving it.  Our executives have produced over five thousand hours of programming across broadcast, cable, digital and emerging platforms.  Propagate’s network and brand partners can count on compelling, honest, thought-provoking, memorable and human storytelling at every turn.

Ben Silverman
(Chairman & Co-CEO)

Howard T. Owens
(Founder & Co-CEO)

Drew Buckley
(Group President & Chief Operating Officer)

Isabel San Vargas
(President, Production & Operations)

Kelly Fancher
(EVP, Finance & Corporate Development)

Linh Le
(Head of Podcasts & Business Development)

Dan Thunell
(Co-Head, International Distribution)

Christian Bonaventura
(Director of Content Strategy, Big Breakfast)

Jack Katkavich
(Manager, Documentary & Advertising)

Gavin McCoy
(Executive Assistant, Drew Buckley & Isabel San Vargas)

Jonathan Schaerf
(Head, Documentaries & Strategic Partnerships)

Chelsea Friedland
(Senior Vice President, Content Development)

Jajaira Mayorga
(Senior Accountant)

Rob Buchta
(Executive Producer)

Christy Ugbah
(Staff Accountant)

Andrea Estrada
Director, Production & Operations

Christiane Yenko
(Director, Unscripted Development)

Audrey Cilento
(Director of Development and Current, Scripted)

Grant McCall
(Chief of Staff)

Rodney Ferrell
(President, Scripted)

Jack Geiger
(Executive Assistant, Rodney Ferrell)

Andrew Arthur
(SVP, Post Production)

Catalina Ramirez
(Co-Head, International Distribution)

Leili Mostajeran
(Head of Business Affairs, West Coast)

David Martinez
(Head of Business, Affairs East Coast)

Susana Santiago
(Vice President, Production)

Pouria Baladi
(Director, Technical Operations)

Kristen Baladi
(Manager, Post Production Operations)

Greg Weber
(SVP, Group Finance)

Keichelle Harris 
(Manager, International Accounting)

Anika Rahman
(Manager, Finance)

Chris Olmos
(Supervisor, Worldwide Technical Operations)

William Owen
(Executive Assistant, Howard Owens)

Madeline Weinstein-Avery
(Manager, Unscripted Formats)

Talia Gray
(Development Coordinator)

Jocelyn Quinn
(Coordinator, documentaries)

Belle Raymundo

Mike Rizio
(Production Coordinator)